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A native of California, he migrated to Cincinnati in 2016. He works in healthcare information technology as a systems and product analysis and has been working in the field for 24 years. An advent bowler, he is also a USBC trained bowling coach and spends a lot of his spare time coaching youth bowlers. His passion is to see success in the next human being.

"The mission put before me is to achieve greatness, love and prosperity, and pass what has been learned to the future, so that the world can be in harmony!"

Derrick Evans

Worshipful Master

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Hannibal Pearson
Senior Warden
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John Goodloe
Junior Warden
Title Title
SecretaryPhillip A Smith PM
Asst. Treasurer

Jerome Byrd PM
Mark Menifee PM

Clarence Halloway
Sr. DeaconEvan Johnson
Jr. DeaconKorian Wilson
Sr. StewardRodney Smith
Jr. StewardBarry Howard
TylerAnthony Bassett

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